May. 7, 2015

I'm a Blogger!

Hi if you do not already know I am Monica. I wanted to start this Blog based on some medical issues I have developed recently. Here is a little history about my ailments. I have had three beautiful children all via C-Section since my last one in 2010 I have had some mild to severe pain in my uterine area. This last November 2014 I went in to the Doctors because I could not stand it anymore. That was a journey in itself three doctors and four Nurse Practitioners later I found a wonderful Doctor Dr. Larson MD she has been a Godsend! I was getting frustrated by all the run around and no one being able to help me and tell me what is wrong with me. Dr Larson has since diagnosed me with Endometriosis, along with an antivertied Uterus that also lays to the right side. In not Dr talk it is positioned forward and to the right side. I have good days and bad days but I ALWAYS have pain. I did not want to live on a regiment of Aleve and Advil just to elevate the pain. So I hit Google up for alternative medicine and healthier options to help with the pain and symptoms of my condition. After many searches and months of research I found a site about Essential Oils (EO's) and a combination of oils to help with Endometriosis (Endo). Trust me I was a skeptic at first and not very optimistic to say the least however I was willing to try anything. I went to a little shop in my area that sells EO's and carrier oils to use them with and bought the oils needed to make the recipe I found online to help with Endo and pain. I used it for a month before coming to the conclusion that THEY REALLY WORK! I was elated and surprised that I found an alternative to medicine and it worked. I want to say that in no way am I a rep for an oil company such as DoTerra or Yong Living nor do I use their oils I have a company I go thru that is not a MLM company called Edens Garden an online store I came across in my research. I will Blog more on that at a later date. I just want to give you some background how I got turned on to EO’s and their benefits. I also make and sell various products made by my hands with essential oils and natural organic products. I feel if God made the plants why not use them to heal the body he has given us. In this Blog I hope to help others with any issues they have or just give you ideas how to grow healthier and happier physically and mentally. Thank you for joining me on this Journey of Hope, Faith and Health.