May. 11, 2015

Why I chose Edens Garden over the big brand Essential Oil Companies…

Although I am pretty new to the concept of Essential Oils and their benefits I feel quite confident in the company I have chosen for all my needs. I am not a rep or a sponsor for Edens Garden I am just a satisfied customer. In doing my months of research on Google and other Blogs plus actually trying samples of DoTerra and Young Living along with Edens Garden I made my choice and Edens Garden was the right one for me. 

When I was looking into Essential Oil companies I had seriously considered doing DoTerra and becoming a rep for their company, however I did not want to “work” for a MLM company just to get my oils at a reasonable price. I was not impressed by Young Living and the fact that they grow and distill their own oils in a manufactured green house instead of in the environment the plants grow in. From what I have read and understand it is very important to get it from a reportable distiller in the country and climate the plants thrive in to get the max benefit from the oils. DoTerra does that but the prices were a little hard to swallow. For example a 15ml bottle of Peppermint from DoTerra is $27.33 vs. the Edens Garden 10ml bottle is $3.75 and a 30ml is only $7.25 that is a HUGE difference in price. 

Now I know what you are thinking because I was thinking the same thing, sometimes you get what you pay for, however in this case I did not feel that way the quality is there for the Edens Garden brand. Edens Garden states that their oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade as does DoTerra and Young Living but the price is significantly lower due to they do not do wholesale or MLM and cut out the middle man to give their clients the products directly from the distillers they have a relationship with, they also do third-party testing to ensure that the oils they sell are that of the purest quality.

I also love what they stand for and is not just another company trying to make the most money for their CEO’s. The woman who started the company worked out of her in-laws garage and traveled to distillers first hand all over the world to establish a quality product every step of the way her statement nothing ever added and nothing taken away” is true in every measure. That impressed me and I really felt a connection to the heart she put into her business from the very start and for this reason I chose to go with Edens Garden not only is the price right but the company is wonderful.

I encourage that if you are looking for a great Essential Oil company and don’t know where to start check out Edens Garden. They have a website and also a shop on Amazon as well. Again thank you and I hope you found this information useful and helpful.



*These are my personal opinions and my own research and study done I am not a promoter or representative for any of these companies just a satisfied customer*