May. 18, 2015

Carrier Oils and my favorite one…

When learning about essential oils I also learned about carrier oils and the importance of them. Essential oils are very potent and consecrated oils and for this reason it is suggested to dilute them in a fatty oil knows as a carrier oil when applying to the skin. Not only does the carrier oil help spread the Essential oils it also help them penetrate before the Essential oil evaporates.

There are many different kind like Coconut oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil and many, many more. My favorite is jojoba oil due to the versatility it has and the fact that it does not go rancid and is hypoallergenic and good for all skin types. There are so many benefits and uses for jojoba oil by itself and only gets enhanced by the combination of Essential Oils added to it. I have made a list of benefits and uses for this carrier oil and maybe you can see why I love it and why you should also consider using this as one of your carriers as well.

Jojoba Oil For Acne:

Blocked pores frequently lead to acne or pimples and are a popular issue between teenagers and adults alike. Many of the beauty products which claim to decrease acne have chemicals and in fact can make the issue worse. Jojoba oil being germ killing and non-greasy in feel, it is a very efficient remedy for acne. It helps to melt the oil generation of pimples and zits and also helps to split the acne. Jojoba oil opens up the subjected areas and blocked pores and leaves no scratch marks cleaning the imperfections. With prolonged use, jojoba oil minimizes the skin pores size, and manages oil release which stops acne from coming back.

Jojoba Oil As An Anti Inflammatory:

With its antibacterial qualities, it can reduce skin swelling and is also helpful in eliminating skin bacteria. Its anti-inflammatory qualities can be used for managing several skin ailments like eczema and skin psoriasis where skin gets infected. It has an awesome impact on skin and is used for curing wounds, cuts and minor bacterial infections such as sunburns, cold blisters and warts. 

 Other jojoba Oil Benefits:

  • Use jojoba oils on the rough, dehydrated cuticles and nails everyday to keep soft cuticles and cure tattered nails.
  • Use jojoba oil gently on heels, knees, and palms to avoid sunless tan from sopping into these permeable areas.
  • Ahead of swimming, use jojoba oil on your hair. The oil will aid close your hair cuticles and will protect against harmful substances from stripping your hair color.
  • Use jojoba oil before shaving or waxing. It will aid to avoid razor burns and will leave the skin sleek. You can use it straight after shaving to ease and hydrate the skin.

I hope you find this information useful. Try new things see what works for you and what you like on your skin.