May. 22, 2015

My current favorite Essential Oils and what I use them for…

I love all the Essential Oils I have tried so far, some smell pretty crazy for instance Vetiver smells like cigars but it has so many benefits such as helping with ADD/ADHD and anxiety issues along with skin wrinkles and stretch marks.  When researching oils I found that there are many that may help similar issues but each one has its own properties that aid in multiple issues.

Here is a couple of my favorites and what I use them for.


Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

                Besides the wonderful smell this is a great oil to have in a beginner kit because it is so versatile. Lavender helps with sleep, anxiety and relaxation this is what it is most commonly associated with but Lavender is also anti-bacterial and can aid in healing burns, insect bites and minor scrapes. I love lavender in my skin routine it is one of the best oils for your skin and so nourishing. It is also great in cleaning products due to its anti-bacterial properties.

Marjoram (Origanum Marjorana)

                I love the smell of this it is so comforting to me. I use this one a lot for rest and sleep. When you mix it with a carrier oil and lavender essential oil it is wonderful! Marjoram was one of the oils I mixed for my endometriosis pain along with Clary Sage and a few others it has great properties for muscle soreness and cramps. I use it all alone in my diffuser just because of the smell, I also have a diffuser

Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia)

                This is a great oil for its antiseptic and immune boosting properties. I use this in my skin care routine because it is great and nourishing for the skin as well as fights bacteria that can cause blemishes and impurities. Also this is a great oil in helping little ones prevent getting head lice just put a few drops in a shampoo. I like to use it in my All-Purpose Cleaner that I make it is great for showers and mold issues because it is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Not only can you clean with it but you also get the benefits of this oil while cleaning with it instead of breathing all those harsh chemicals in store bought brands.

Peppermint (Mentha Piperita)

                I also use this to clean with due to the fresh clean scent and it also has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. This is also my go to when it comes to headaches I just make a roller ball with this and a couple other Essential Oils to combat my migraines and it works to sooth and relax your throbbing pain. Also this is a great one for up lifting just sniff right out of the bottle or make an inhaler to carry around to help uplift your mood and also to aid in easing a headache along with the roller ball oil.

Four Thieves Synergy Blend (Edens Garden Brand)

                If you suffer from illness or are a mom or childcare provider like me and are around little Petri-dishes all day long this is the blend I would recommend. The oil I make is great to rub on the bottom of your feet and kids feet each night to boost the immune system to aid in treating or preventing sicknesses. I have also found that it helps when diffused in the home for allergies too not only does it kill germs in the air but the blend of oils help with symptoms of stuffy runny noses.

Stress Relief Blend (Edens Garden Brand)

                Who does not have stress in their life at one time of another? This is a great blend to diffuse in a bedroom at the end of the day. I sit on my bed with my eyes shut after the kids go to bed and breathe deep for about 20 min and I have a sense of ease and comfort. I have also diffused it when it seems needed during the day when I have a bad day or just need a little extra comfort.

Hope Blend (Edens Garden Brand)

                Absolutely my all time favorite blend to smell!! I use it in lotions, roller balls, and just diffusing in the air or in my necklace. This blend is so uplifting and does give you a sense of Hope and peace that we all need once in a while. I use it most in the lotion I make seeing as I wash my hands a lot I use lotion quite often and it is nice to get that scent infused in the lotion I make.



I hope you found this informative and useful. This is just my personal opinion and thoughts on these Essential Oils. I am not a promoter or representative of Edens Garden, just a happy customer. Bless you and try something new and healthy.