May. 28, 2015

Natural Sun Screen and after sun spray…

                If you are like me and burn when in the sun for even 5 minutes in the summer then I have a great alternative for sun screen instead of store bought kinds with all the chemicals. Two kinds of oils have natural SPF factors in them, Carrot Essential Oil has SPF of 40 and Lavender Essential Oil has SPF of 15-20. I use these together and have found them to work very well with coconut or jojoba oil as a carrier. They feel wonderful on your skin and have added health benefits of nourishing the skin too.

                As for after you are out for a while in the sun as I am most days running a Childcare I also use a great combination of oils in a small spray bottle when I come in out of the sun and before bed to help nourish and moisturize my skin from hours of being outside. Essential Oils are wonderful in giving you supple silky skin even after frying in the sun’s heat.


Sun Screen SPF 40

2 oz Coconut or Jojoba Oil

20 Drops Carrot Essential Oil

10 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

2 oz spray bottle (if using Coconut oil use a jar with a lid)


Combine all ingredients in the spray bottle and apply before going out into the sun. Reapply every 2-4 hours as needed.


After Sun Spray

4 oz spray bottle

1 oz jojoba oil

20 drops Lavender Essential Oil

20 drops Frankincense Essential Oil

20 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil


Combine in 4 oz spray bottle and top with distilled water shake and spray skin after sun exposure. Shake before each use to mix the oils. Rub in if needed.




*This is from my own research and personal use. I hope you find this information useful*