Jun. 3, 2015

Why I have switched to natural cleaners…

It is no secret that other household cleaners have toxic chemicals in them such as fragrances, dyes, harmful alcohols among the few. If you are like me you use Windex, Bleach, Lysol and pine sol thinking that they are disinfecting and cleaning your home which they may be doing that but at what price?


I did not think anything of it until I had the wool pulled from my eyes. If you look at the back of your cleaners they all have some sort of warning on them “Flammable” or “Toxic if ingested” they are the reason the Mr. Yuck stickers were invented. There are also some short and long term effects that can harm you and your family. They can be a skin and eye irritant but besides that here are a few chemicals in the products I have listed above and what effects they have on us and the environment.



  • triclosan an aggressive antibacterial agent found in most items labeled “antibacterial” that are harmful to the environment,
  • 2-Butoxyethanol found in most window, kitchen and all-purpose cleaners this chemical has been linked to pulmonary edema and severe liver and kidney damage.
  • Ammonia which is a powerful irritant and is linked to asthma and breathing problems like bronchitis it can also create a poisonous gas when mixed with bleach.
  • Chlorine found in many cleaning products especially for the bathroom it is a respiratory irritant and something many people don’t know or realize it that it can be a serious thyroid disrupter


That is just a few examples there are many more. Now I am not 100% switched to all natural products but I am trying to do what I can. I make and sell products to help others to make the switch to do wherever they can. An example is my All-Purpose Cleaner that I make and use in my own home.

What it replaces:

  • Disinfectant Cleaners like Clorox kitchen or bathroom cleaner, Lysol cleaners, Windex, stainless steel cleaners, and many more
  • Air fresheners like febreze air effects or glade

Why I use it:

Unlike the store brands we are use to and buy often you know what is in my All-Purpose Cleaner. Store brands like the examples I have given have harsh chemicals and abrasives in them. Not only is this free of the harmful chemicals but it has the added benefits of the Essential Oils I use in it.

When you clean your bathroom for example it is usually a small windowless room where the cleaner you use is pooling the fumes in the room with you and there is really no real way not to breathe in the toxins unless you hold your breath or wear a hazmat suit! However with my All-Purpose Cleaner when you breathe in the Essential Oils spread in the air it not only smells good but helps lift your spirits and is not slowly killing you. I hope you will also make the switch for the health of you and your family.


*I hope you find this information useful and interesting. These are just my personal opinions and research.