Oct. 29, 2015

Why I love Pink Himalayan Salt~

Besides the fact that Pink Himalayan Salt is beautiful it is also beneficial to your body. This salt is harvested at the foot of the Himalayas in a rock salt mine in Pakistan in its purest form. Rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and much more it has many uses theraputicly.

Pink Himalayan Salt can help aid in reducing blood pressure, balance your bodies PH, help regulate blood sugars, aid in relaxing your muscles and promote sleep. I use this in all my bath salts and bath bombs I have found great benefits not only for relaxing but in the feel of my skin after each use. I even use it in a foot soak to relieve aching feet and help soften the dry calloused skin on the heels. The benefits are truly amazing and never ending.

I have read that you can even replace table salt with Pink Himalayan Salt it metabolizes better and does not retain water but regulate your body’s water retention. I have not personally used it dilatorily but would love to try it and see what I think of it as a replacement. I have a wonderful foot soak recipe for you to try out that I have used and love. Enjoy!


Pink Himalayan Salt Foot Soak (one soaking)

2 oz Pink Himalayan Salt (small coarse salt)

1 tsp Jojoba Oil

3 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil

2 Drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

Mix together in a glass bowl or jar


Pour warm/hot water in a basin or tub big enough to stick both your feet in. Drop in the salt mixture into the warm/hot water and swoosh with your hand to dissolve the salt and mix throughout the water. Soak your feet for 20 – 30 min pat dry and apply your favorite lotion to your feet and ankles.


I hope you enjoy this information and have a chance to try the recipe!




*These are the opinions and personal research of Hope, Faith & Health. They are not intended to treat or diagnose any medical issues please consult your phasician.*