Nov. 11, 2015

Aromatherapy is not to be used lightly...

While studying to become a Certified Aromatherapists I realized that there are so many components to using Essential Oils and products with them in it. I have found that so many MLM companies have regular people with minimal training and are taught thru the distributor what Oils are used for and how to use them to best market them. However there are chemical reactions and components that make up the oils and each one is different and can have different effects on the body and mind. If used incorrectly they can be negative and damaging to the skin, lungs, organs and mucus membranes and over stimulate the mind.

Companies who label their bottles “Therapeutic Grade”, “Aromatherapy Grade”, “100% Certified” can be misleading. There are no real regulations on labeling or grading of Essential Oils. That is why there is the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy to help with testing and standards for the Aromatherapy world and protect customers and clients alike. The term "therapeutic grade" was apparently coined by one MLM in particular.

It is always a good idea when purchasing Essential oils you look into the quality of the oils. Ask for the GC/MS reports on each oil you purchase this is the chemical makeup of each oil and can tell you if the oil has been altered in any way or diluted with other oil such as jojoba. Oils that cannot offer an authentic report should be avoided due to not being in the purest form and can be harmful.

Aromatherapy is an in depth study that requires knowing what each oil can do and how the chemical compound can assist one another when mixed in a blend. If you are not sure how this works and just go by what MLM distributors tell you just so the CEO’s can make money off of you selling something you know little about and naively based off what the company tells you the oil can do I feel it is a great injustice to the Distillers all around the world who work so hard to make sure Oils are safe and pure and have the chemical compounds needed to utilize the benefits of each plant, fruit, or tree used to create Essential Oils. Not all oils are created equally and I recommend you do your research before you purchase oils and use them on yourself, family or friends, whether it be online, in articles or even talking to a Certified Aromatherapists.

 I have done my own research and am studding to become a Certified Aromatherapists and have learned so much over the course of the classes I have taken and all the products I have worked with. I have always and will always apply my knowledge to each and every product I use or sell to benefit everyone that use and love them. I ask that you take caution is purchasing Oils and look at the labels to make sure testing has been done and ask for the GC/MS reports to be sure you are getting the highest quality oils you deserve.




*This article is based on my opinions and research.*




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