May. 9, 2016

Mature skin oils…

Time catches up to all of us and our skin can also see the effects of time. We can see it sag or little lines form from age. There are oils that can help promote soft supple skin to help delay those effects. Let me start by saying that noithing can “cure” aging skin and there is no miracle cream that will erase time but we can help to create a wonderful base of healthy skin so we can be radient and confident in our skin.

One of the main things people forget is that we are in need of moisture and just adding lotion to your daily routine can help a great deal. Along with cleansing on a daily basis to rid our skin of the dirt and particles we collect thru the day. After cleansing we need to replenish our skin with a moisturizer to create healthy supple skin that can help with reducing the chance of wrinkles and sagging skin. Not only on our faces but our neck and chest as well need love and attention. Essential oils can also help with aging skin and promote healthy nourished skin. I love to add essential oils to an unscented lotion base that can work for my face, neck, chest and even my body.


I have a couple recipes that can help that I love to use myself. But remember routine is key if you don’t do it you can’t reap the benefits of the skin healing benefits that they offer and your skin will suffer.


Skin Firming Lotion


2 oz flip top PET plastic bottle

1 oz unscented lotion base

½ oz Evening Primrose oil

½ oz Grapeseed oil

5 drops Geranium Essential Oil

3 drops Juniper Berry Essential oil

6 drops Patchouli Essential Oil


Add oils and mix well use daily AM or PM after cleansing


Wrinkle fighting cream


Small glass jar with lid

½ cup coconut oil

1 tsp vitamin E oil

20 drops Frankincense Essential Oil

10 drops Lavender Essential Oil

10 drops Lemon Essential Oil


Mix together with a mixer to create a fluffy mixture and transfer to a jar with a lid keep in a cool place and use at night after washing face.


I hope you enjoy and get a chance to use these recipes!




*These are the opinions and research of hopefaithhealthblog and are not intended to treat or prevent skin issues.*