Jun. 15, 2016

What's New

I have been doing a lot of making and testing new products not just for myself and my family but ones I feel proud to present and have available for all my followers. I wanted to write a post about what I like about each new product and why I chose to use them.


Soap Bars

If you have been following me on Facebook it is no doubt you have seen my new soaps and that I have been busy making. I love how creative I can be with each soap and how I can customize them with scents and colors. Now you may be worried about the colors and the fragrances I use but I assure you they are natural and high quality. I myself have very sensitive skin and thus far have had no issues with any of the fragrances or mica colors I have used in any of my products. I still use Essential Oils mostly for their benefits rather than the scent they offer. I wanted to have a variety of natural products that did not all look and smell the same. Not to mention I wanted to have a creative outlet to alleviate some stress in my life and have something for myself that did not involve anyone but me and my creative mind.


Natural Soaps are wonderful and have been a great change in our household, everyone loves the way their skin feels and the new scent we can use each month. I have noticed that these do last a long time if they are not in the direct line of the shower water due to the bars “melt” faster. I can say without a doubt there is no way I will every buy store bought soap “beauty bars” again. I hope you try them out and enjoy all the different ones I have available.


Sugar Scrubs

We put our skin thru so much and with all the issues with dry skin and other skin issues we need to slough off the dead skin to get to healthy clear skin to help alleviate these issues. I love using Sugar Scrubs they are a great natural exfoliate for the whole body and even the face. Follow with a moisturizer and you are setting yourself up for great soft skin. Give it a try and see how you like your skin.


New Whipped Body Butter

I had people tell me that although they liked the old version of my body butter they found it to be a bit greasy. Well I listened and changed my formula so that it absorbs into the skin faster and is less greasy with the same benefits of the old version. It is like whipped frosting and is so silky on the skin plus I can use different scents and colors to make them more pretty.


I hope you are able to give each of these new products a try I am sure you will love them as much as I do!





*These are the opinions of hopefaithhealthblog and not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent illness or skin issues. *


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