Aug. 23, 2016

What I have been up to lately…


I am sure you have noticed I have been quite busy! I have been making and selling lots of soaps and body butters and I thank everyone who has made the switch to healthier products!! As always I am doing research all the time for new ways to incorporate natural products into my everyday life. I have been experimenting in making my own make-up line with eye shadows and lip products. That has been very fun and I love experimenting I am still trying to perfect it so the quality is there like the make-up you find in stores.

I wear and LOVE Younique brand of make-up due to it is naturally based and they have a wonderful foundation that helps sexually abused women get their lives back and they also have paired up with a foundation that helps defend the innocent children against sexual abuse and if they have unfortunately become victims they have a program that helps in the healing process and teach parents how to talk to their children about sexual abuse. I love selling their make-up and will continue to, however I also want to have options out there for everyone and that is why I have decided to create HFH Cosmetics for 100% Natural Make-up made by hand in small batches for those of you who would prefer that option. Just like every other woman in the world who loves make-up we all use multiple brands and this is why I have chosen this as well. I hope to have the line up soon for everyone to enjoy!!

If you want to check out Younique I have added a link to my website to my Younique website to peruse their line and make purchases. If you have any question on any of the products let me know I would love to help as I do use all of their make-up!

Another thing I have come across is a product called Plexus if you have not heard of it this is a natural based Health supplement that can help with weight management or weight loss, and also help control blood sugar for those diabetics out there or pre diabetics. I love this line of supplements my favorite is the Slim also known as the “Pink Drink” wonderful energy you gain from this. I drink one every morning! Everyone can stand to lose a little weight and this helps you in your journey to a healthy body. Best part is that it is Natural ingredients!! Here is a link to my rep that I use:

Also awesome news from Edens Garden Essential Oils company!! They now have a kids line that is safe for use with children 2 yrs and older!!! I am excited about this news and cannot wait to get my supply!! Check it out 


I hope to have more news and new products starting in the fall before Christmas time so keep checking back to see what is new and any deals I may have going on!! Enjoy your day and be healthy.




**These are the opinions and research of Hope, Faith & Health and are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent illness. Do your research and form your opinions as well and above all have fun trying something new!**