Feb. 21, 2017

Hair issues?? Me Too!!!!

As I have discussed before in this blog I have really bad scalp Psoriasis and have struggled with it for many years! I have tried everything from washing my hair less to making scalp oil with essential oils. The Essential oils helps ease the symptoms but the patches were still there and the flaking skin. It was so embarrassing and I felt self conscious having anyone touch my hair or hug me for fear of my scalp flaking on to their shoulder or them seeing my scalp!

I searched high and low for something that actually worked! I tried many shampoos for dandruff or with coal tar in them and nothing was working. I was about to give up and come to grips that I was doomed to have this condition forever and had to manage it to the best of my ability. That was until I discovered Monat Hair care line!

I was noticing my hair start to thin because it could not grow past the patches of dry skin and my hair looked aged and dull from not being healthy due to the psoriasis. I stalked the internet for one last attempt desperate to find something and I came across Monat! People were raving about the results and how they have new hair growth and the patches are GONE from the psoriasis. Then I found a family friend that sells Monat and talked in depth with her as to what products may work for me. We decided on the Let it grow system and the Rejuveniqe Oil they carry.

What products did I get? Ok lets break it down by product in the Let it grow system first. The two products are the Intense repair treatment shampoo and the Intense repair treatment spray. First thing I noticed is the lovely smell of the products, most products I have tried have a stinky “medicated” smell to them and this is sweet and fresh. I noticed a difference in the overall texture and manageability of my hair just after the first wash! I have now been using it for almost two weeks and My hair is denser and soft it even healed my split ends I was getting. So this was great for my hair but what about my scalp?? Well I used the Rejuveniqe Oil for my scalp at night and in the first day I noticed a HUGE change in my scalp the patches were gone in some areas and less itchy in others! I could not believe it this was just ONE application!! I was excited to use it again to see how much I could heal the scalp. So after a week I was astonished my Psoriasis was GONE! I have never had that happen with anything ever! I have to say in all honesty I was sitting there in my bathroom looking thru my hair at my scalp and I started to cry honest to god tears streaming down my face! I found something to help me get my confidence back and my hair as well!!

You know you’ve got a good product when your husband of all people notices a huge difference! I was in love with my hair for the first time in a long time!

How do you get it?? I have a friend who sells it and this is her website. (www.jerilimsdahl.mymonat.com) If you get a chance check out this site and look thru the information to see what products will work for your hair care needs!

One other thing I love about this company is the fact that like everything else I use it is Naturally based and never tested on animals!! “Our revolutionary line of naturally based solutions addresses the effects of the environment, chemicals, product overuse and even aging. And we do it while saying no to questionable ingredients and animal testing!”Monat website.

Can this work for men? Why YES it can! These products also help reduce the amount of DHT on the scalp and help to renew your hair and in some cases have helped to promote re-growth of new hair! I will be trying these on my husband and let you know how that turns out!

I hope you found this informative and helpful.



*These are the findings of Hope, Faith & Health and are not intended to treat or diagnose issues. Results may vary as well these are my personal results and findings*