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Jul. 21, 2016

First off let me say that I love lip balm and am kind of obsessed with using it but never thought twice about what was in my store bought lip balms. After looking at the ingredients I am happy I make my own! I use EOS balls they are cute and more natural than other chapsticks and I just don’t like Burts bees personally. I looked at the ingredients in the EOS and still felt even though it was “organic” and “natural” there was just too many ingredients in one little lip balm. So after doing some searching for a better more natural lip balm I decided to make my own

I have to say that not only is it nice to know what is in my lip balm and going onto my lips and essentially into my body you can also make many varieties but they are so fun to make and create! I did my research as I always do to find flavor oils and sweeteners that are natural to give my lip balms a little extra. Using these new balms I have noticed a huge difference in my lips moisture and texture and am pleased with the results. I have very few ingredients in my formula including, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, bees wax, and sweet almond oil then I add flavor and sweetener to them for a wonderful selection.  I hope you give them a try and compared to EOS that can cost anywhere from $3.00-$4.00 for one mine are only $2.50 each!!!





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Jun. 15, 2016

I have been doing a lot of making and testing new products not just for myself and my family but ones I feel proud to present and have available for all my followers. I wanted to write a post about what I like about each new product and why I chose to use them.


Soap Bars

If you have been following me on Facebook it is no doubt you have seen my new soaps and that I have been busy making. I love how creative I can be with each soap and how I can customize them with scents and colors. Now you may be worried about the colors and the fragrances I use but I assure you they are natural and high quality. I myself have very sensitive skin and thus far have had no issues with any of the fragrances or mica colors I have used in any of my products. I still use Essential Oils mostly for their benefits rather than the scent they offer. I wanted to have a variety of natural products that did not all look and smell the same. Not to mention I wanted to have a creative outlet to alleviate some stress in my life and have something for myself that did not involve anyone but me and my creative mind.


Natural Soaps are wonderful and have been a great change in our household, everyone loves the way their skin feels and the new scent we can use each month. I have noticed that these do last a long time if they are not in the direct line of the shower water due to the bars “melt” faster. I can say without a doubt there is no way I will every buy store bought soap “beauty bars” again. I hope you try them out and enjoy all the different ones I have available.


Sugar Scrubs

We put our skin thru so much and with all the issues with dry skin and other skin issues we need to slough off the dead skin to get to healthy clear skin to help alleviate these issues. I love using Sugar Scrubs they are a great natural exfoliate for the whole body and even the face. Follow with a moisturizer and you are setting yourself up for great soft skin. Give it a try and see how you like your skin.


New Whipped Body Butter

I had people tell me that although they liked the old version of my body butter they found it to be a bit greasy. Well I listened and changed my formula so that it absorbs into the skin faster and is less greasy with the same benefits of the old version. It is like whipped frosting and is so silky on the skin plus I can use different scents and colors to make them more pretty.


I hope you are able to give each of these new products a try I am sure you will love them as much as I do!





*These are the opinions of hopefaithhealthblog and not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent illness or skin issues. *


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May. 19, 2016

I am always looking for new companies that create natural products and that includes make-up. I love this new company I stumbled across they have a wonderful mineral liquid foundation that I am so in love with. I do not feel like I am all covered up or have a goopy face. This has a natural look that covers my imperfections it also has the added benefits of SPF and minerals that are good for your skin. The company is called Pink Dust Cosmetics and I encourage you to check out their products they are all high quality, Hypoallergenic, talc-free, wax-free, dye-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free as well. Here is a link to the site. http://www.pinkdustcosmetics.com/ 


*This is the opinions of hope faith health and not intended to treat or prevent skin ailments form your own conclusion from trying the information yourself*

May. 9, 2016

Time catches up to all of us and our skin can also see the effects of time. We can see it sag or little lines form from age. There are oils that can help promote soft supple skin to help delay those effects. Let me start by saying that noithing can “cure” aging skin and there is no miracle cream that will erase time but we can help to create a wonderful base of healthy skin so we can be radient and confident in our skin.

One of the main things people forget is that we are in need of moisture and just adding lotion to your daily routine can help a great deal. Along with cleansing on a daily basis to rid our skin of the dirt and particles we collect thru the day. After cleansing we need to replenish our skin with a moisturizer to create healthy supple skin that can help with reducing the chance of wrinkles and sagging skin. Not only on our faces but our neck and chest as well need love and attention. Essential oils can also help with aging skin and promote healthy nourished skin. I love to add essential oils to an unscented lotion base that can work for my face, neck, chest and even my body.


I have a couple recipes that can help that I love to use myself. But remember routine is key if you don’t do it you can’t reap the benefits of the skin healing benefits that they offer and your skin will suffer.


Skin Firming Lotion


2 oz flip top PET plastic bottle

1 oz unscented lotion base

½ oz Evening Primrose oil

½ oz Grapeseed oil

5 drops Geranium Essential Oil

3 drops Juniper Berry Essential oil

6 drops Patchouli Essential Oil


Add oils and mix well use daily AM or PM after cleansing


Wrinkle fighting cream


Small glass jar with lid

½ cup coconut oil

1 tsp vitamin E oil

20 drops Frankincense Essential Oil

10 drops Lavender Essential Oil

10 drops Lemon Essential Oil


Mix together with a mixer to create a fluffy mixture and transfer to a jar with a lid keep in a cool place and use at night after washing face.


I hope you enjoy and get a chance to use these recipes!




*These are the opinions and research of hopefaithhealthblog and are not intended to treat or prevent skin issues.*

Apr. 19, 2016

As with anything else in your beauty or medicine cabinet making the switch to more natural products gives you more benefits than commercial brands can. With soap it is no different. I was surprised to know that most “beauty bars” have stripped the main ingredient in Soap called glycerin. Glycerin is a natural component that pulls moisture out of the air and holds it in whatever it has contact with. So why would you not want a product that both cleans and moisturizes the skin all at once and has a component that will help the skin retain the moisture it needs.

Sure some beauty bars claim to have moisturizers already in them but they are just more chemicals put in the bar to create that moisture or are some kind of wax to achieve it. Then the big companies strip the glycerin from the soap making process and put it in expensive lotions to have you buy more than one product to achieve the moisture your skin needs. In making natural soap you do not have that issue it is truly an all in one bar and you also know what you are putting on your skin and down your drain into the environment. Seeing as soap is all natural and biodegradable it is safer to the ecosystem as well. Commercial soaps have detergents in them and chemicals that can harm the ecosystem and damage our skin.

Another great thing about soap is the different kinds you can make or buy. I make two kinds, melt and pour and Cold Process. Melt and pour is just that you take a natural soap base and melt it down, add your natural fragrance, essential oils, natural colorants ect… Pour it into a mold and cut into bars to use. This takes the guess work out of the base and if you are nervous about working with Lye – Sodium Hydroxide (a natural component in all soaps) this is the way to go also this soap is ready to use when it is hardened. Cold process is what I like to call “from scratch” you melt all the oils and butters you are using and add your Lye water to cause Saponification the chemical reaction that makes soap. This is a creative and timely process because you have to let the soap Cure up to 4-6 weeks. It is worth the time creating a hard long lasting soap bar and makes sure the Lye is fully evaporated out of the soap and does not cause skin irritation. Here is a great article on the comparison of Dove vs. Handmade soap. (https://feltmagnet.com/crafts/a-side-by-side-comparison-of-handmade-soap-and-dove) Dove is supposed to be the most gentile out there and great for people with sensitive skin or other skin issues. I suffer from Psoriasis and Eczema and have had great results switching to handmade natural soaps and use to be a Dove only bar user myself. I will never go to commercial brands again and am happy to make the switch I hope you find your way to natural soap as well.




*This information is from my own research and understanding of soap making. I hope you find this information informative and you make the switch as well*




Resources: https://www.brambleberry.com/Cold-Process-Soaps.aspx